All you need to know about Asthma

When to suspect Asthma?

Asthma is a chronic and recurrent inflammation of bronchi (windpipes) in response to variety of dust particles called Allergens. If you have symptoms like Cough, wheezing from chest, tightness of chest, breathing problems and sputum, then possibly you have asthma especially when you have these symptoms: –

  • Occur intermittently with periods of no symptoms
  • Occur during change of season
  • Occur with more severity at night
  • Occur on exposure to dusty atmosphere, cold weather, strong smell, pollen and other dusts.
  • Also occur among Parents and other siblings.

How to confirm Asthma diagnosis?

Diagnosis of asthma can be confirmed by a test called Spirometry. When Patient is asked to blow with maximal force through a machine. The rate of emptying of lung is measured and helps in defining presence of airflow obstruction – a hall mark of Asthma. This test (Spirometry) also helps in a grading severity of Asthma.

What is self-monitoring of Asthma?

Once diagnosed, Asthma needs to be closely monitored by patient himself, and Physician taking care of the Patient. It needs to maintain Asthma symptom diary where he is supposed to record

  • Asthma day time symptoms
  • Sleep disturbed by night time symptoms
  • How frequently relieves medicines needed.
  • Peak flow meter records.

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